Hospital Slowly Returning to Normal

The first thing you might notice is that effective July 6th parking is no longer free.  As explained by Abhi Mukherjee, NHH’s Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer, parking fees bring a net $750k per year so free parking could not be sustained for long.  When you go into the Hospital, you’ll notice “heightened cleaning practices” and be reminded to clean your hands.  But in another announcement, NHH explains that other services are being ramped up after almost three months of providing only emergency and high-priority surgeries and imaging exams.  Meanwhile hundreds of other tests, appointments and procedures were postponed for safety reasons, or – if appropriate – provided virtually.  But the Hospital has been busy providing Covid-19 tests – both at the Hospital (now in the Emergency area) and at other locations in collaboration with Northumberland Paramedics.

Northumberland Hills Hospital
Northumberland Hills Hospital

Earlier in the month, the Hospital started to resume elective services including:

  • Surgical services (e.g. colonoscopies, cataracts, hernia repairs and selected gynecological procedures)
  • Selected diagnostic imaging procedures (e.g. CT exams, MRIs and ultrasounds);
  • Small volumes of in-person ambulatory care clinic appointments; and
  • A limited number of in-person community mental health appointments through the walk-in counselling clinic at 1011 Elgin Street West, Cobourg. (1011 Elgin is the building with ReMax and Hakim Optical and is up close to Elgin Street in front of the Bibles for Missions thrift shop – now you know.)

The Hospital’s announcement said:

Beginning June 22, the second stage in NHH’s plan, the hospital’s third and final operating room suite will resume operation, and further diagnostic imaging and ambulatory care clinic procedures will also begin to be scheduled, including x-ray, mammography, nuclear medicine and interventional radiology procedures (specifically, joint injections and pain management).

Those awaiting surgery at NHH are being notified by the referring physician to arrange pre-operative COVID-19 testing, if required. Diagnostic imaging tests will be scheduled directly by the hospital. In all cases, pre-screening will also be conducted by hospital staff, by phone, to review a standard set of COVID-19 questions, provide logistical details, and answer any questions.

They also said:

  • Universal masking continues throughout NHH;
  • Please refrain from bringing food and drink into the hospital when coming in for an appointment or to the Emergency Department. NHH requires masks to be worn by all who are able to tolerate them and, as such, food and drinks cannot be safely consumed;
  • If you do not have a cloth mask, NHH will provide one for you which you can take home and reuse;
  • Whether visiting NHH or out and about in the community, washing your hands often is one of the best ways to minimize the spread of potentially dangerous germs. Wash your hands frequently, preferably with soap and water. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available.

See the links below for more details.  See also this Cobourg Internet page with the latest on Covid-19 including how to get a test at the Hospital.


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3 years ago

Great news! NHH has done a great job during the pandemic. I hope some people realize what a true emergency is and avoid the emergency room for stubbed toes and hang nails so the people that need care can get it quicker and surgeries can get back on track.No one wants to go back to a 7 hour wait in the emergency room

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