Farmers’ Market Opens

The rules set by the province on what is allowed are changing week by week – but under the rules in place at the time, the Cobourg’s Farmers’ Market adopted a “pre-order – pickup” protocol.  The first day for that was today, May 23rd.  There were 10 vendors participating out of 23 possible (food vendors) and over 40 total (all products).  Judging by the parcels waiting for pickup, some had significantly more customers than others.  Auxiliary Police were on hand to help ensure social distancing and entry only for those making a pickup.  It was a glorious Spring day but few people came and there was plenty of parking on Albert and across the road.  Organizers were hopeful that future days would have more vendors and customers.

How to order

Farmers Market 23 May 2020
Farmers’ Market 23 May 2020

You can no doubt go to the web sites of individual vendors but they have also got together at Local Line here.  So far there are 15 vendors listed and they accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

When I visited at around 10:00 am, I spoke with Councillors Adam Bureau and Nicole Beatty.  With the announcement yesterday of opening up the Parks and Beach, the obvious question is “why not the Farmers’ Market too?”  Adam said that the Farmers’ Market protocol was established with rules current at the time but that it might be possible to soon revise the Farmers’ Market rules too so that all Vendors could participate, and providing there was Social Distancing, the more traditional Market could return. Meanwhile and even if/when things change, online ordering in advance is now possible.

Stay tuned.


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3 years ago

“I don’t always immediately delete comments that are way off-topic and/or leveling personal criticism against another contributor but when it gets to be a string of irrelevant comments that are to some degree offensive – I do delete. Several strings in this category have recently been deleted.”

Damn, I was out most of the day, bet I missed some good ones, they are my favs.

Wally Keeler
3 years ago

John Ioannidis, a professor of epidemiology at Stanford University, has branded the data we have about the epidemic “utterly unreliable.” “We don’t know if we are failing to capture infections by a factor of three or 300,” he wrote last week. If thousands more people are surviving than we know about, then current mortality rate estimates are too high — perhaps by a large margin.

An American team from the Emory University School of Medicine in Georgia say death rates are four times higher among people with diabetes and hyperglycemia who are infected with COVID-19. ie, those with comorbidities.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, testified to Congress in March that the mortality rate may be as low as 1% when accounting for people who are infected but don’t develop symptoms severe enough to be tested.

These are risks of death from Covid19:

10 -19 years — 0.2%

20 – 29 years — 0.2%

30 – 39 years — 0.2%

40 – 49 years — 0.4%

50 – 59 years — 1.3%

60 – 69 years — 3.6%

70 – 79 years — 8.0%

80+ years —— 14.8%

Those under 50 years are all of working age yet this is what they have to do, in order to protect the aged with comorbidities. In order to attempt to stop a pandemic most of the world conducted a massive, overreaching, draconian lockdown effort that threw millions into poverty, shuttered businesses for good, disrupted critical supply chains, demolished liberties, and left much of the global economy in ruins that will take years, if not decades to rebuild. To call this ongoing absurdity an overreach is to put it mildly, but overreach is the term that seemingly has defined everything we’ve done attempting to stop a virus that has terrified people far beyond what its capabilities would suggest.

The paranoids flogging the threats of contagion by people coming to the Park from outside is exaggerated.

My personal risk of dying from the CCP virus is quite high so I won’t be visiting the Park or any other crowd of people enjoying themselves as they should. The CCP virus is simply culling the herd, all according to nature. It is up to me to take responsibility for myself. It is not up to the rest of society to adjust to my particular needs, And all those working age people with a risk of 0.2% should be working for the betterment of the younger and enjoying all of the parks and beaches throughout Canada.

Canuck Patriot
Reply to  Wally Keeler
3 years ago

Six months from now will tell whether the risks were exaggerated or real. I am not ready to chance a game of Russian Roulette.

3 years ago

If Port Hope can allow people to walk through their farmers market, using arrows and distancing markers, why can’t Cobourg?

3 years ago

I would have loved to have stopped by to purchase a pie but I had not ordered. I hope things get better soon, I love my Saturday mornings at the Farmers Market.

New Cobourg
3 years ago

I was down by the beach and farmer’s market yesterday at 3 different times through the day. My thoughts on the market are that I felt sorry for the vendors. A sparse crowd due to not allowing walk ups such as myself. I don’t see the issue of having the same one way path keeping social distance, wearing a face cover, and gloves. Provide the vendors with an opportunity for success.
At the beach in the afternoon, the crowds were pretty decent. The problem was there were many groups clearly over the 5 group max. The other problem I noticed were kids playing on the boardwalk, with the parents oblivious to what they were doing. Literally bumping into people passing by. One, was even throwing stones.
Our policing, which in the previous month was quite noticeable, were nowhere to be seen. At least one police person should be on the main east beach at all times. If we are to properly open the beach, we must ensure beach visitors adhere to the rules and requirements. This would hopefully give our senior Cobourg population who need to choose to exercise and walk down there a reasonable sense and confidence of having the personal safety space.

Reply to  New Cobourg
3 years ago

Yes…maybe the Market should go back to its old self, but with much more strict guide lines? I too, feel sorry for the vendors!
As an aside, I see we will have to get the dust off our ‘garbage tags’ and start using them once again, in a weeks time!
Happy isolating!

Merry Mary
Reply to  Ken
3 years ago

Contrary to the instructions for the last two months, on Friday and Saturday, the Ontario Medical Officials stated that contracting the Virus is now greater in indoor environments and much, much less while being outdoors. Also, the transmission of the virus by touching surfaces and other articles is not as significant as previously thought, emphasizing that the spread is from person to person.
Source: CBC News Network

Reply to  New Cobourg
3 years ago

The police are never there on prime time or when you need them funny how that happens
We see them go by about 8:30 AM and again late afternoon around 4 :30
There was one fellow Navigating the parking lots on a segway with great difficulty

Reply to  perplexed
3 years ago

I respectfully disagree. My experience is the opposite in Victoria Park and at East Beach. There are more days than not in other years (2008-2019); I am at the Lawn Bowls Club. Our veranda faces south. During the weekend afternoons, I have seen a regular foot patrol, vehicle patrol, by-law officer patrol, and those Sequays too. Granted, when you need one, well, you know how that phrase ends. I also live down by Rotary Park, and I see the foot patrols going along Albert St. east of Third St., and I have passed them on Third St south of Albert and along the west boardwalk. The police, reminding ourselves, are few in number, and there is much more than the few blocks south of King St. to patrol. One of the reasons we moved here? For the activity south of King. We love the weekend and holiday surges. However, we enjoy the quiet of a Monday or Tuesday after a busy weekend even more. Have a great summer. Perplexed, it should be quiet this year, and I too am looking forward to seeing and hearing what it is like at the Harbour.

Reply to  perplexed
3 years ago

Was he wearing all his PPE?

Merry Mary
3 years ago

This is a far calmer, safer and healthier setting than the ones located at the other indoor food vendors around the Town.