Entertainment Update – November 2020

The Concert Hall in Victoria Hall is still closed with no opening date; the Firehall Theatre is closed; there are no shows scheduled at the Best Western or United Church – basically all live shows are cancelled for now.  There is one exception – a live show at the Loft on November 22 will be held but it’s already sold out.  It’s a classical concert and the audience is limited because of spacing needs and the performers are not using wind instruments or singing which might cause a spread of the Virus.  (Details at Les AMIS Concerts or the Loft – links below).  Port Hope’s Capitol has cancelled all shows but is holding events like the Annual Christmas Tree display.  The Learning Connection is holding Virtual events and several Clubs are holding meetings via Zoom.

There is a list of clubs including performing groups here.

But there are more entertainment events cancelled than are operating. 

Rainbow Theatre is showing movies although no blockbusters and has a much reduced schedule.

The once very active Cobourg Calendar web site is practically deserted although there is a solitary page listing Covid-19 Entertainment with five items – including the Port Hope Drive-in which has now closed for the season.

New Year's Levee 1 Jan 2015
New Year’s Levee 1 Jan 2015

The Concert Band did not have their summer concerts and have not made an appearance for months.  One wonders if they will have their annual Concert or if they will perform at the New Year’s Levee – or even if there will be a New Year’s Levee. (Photo is Concert Band at 2015 Levee).

The Art Gallery is open although by appointment only.  The Library is now open although it’s not really classified as a source of entertainment.  Museums are closed (details here)

Even the Annual NHH Gala is going virtual.  Sit at home, partake in specially prepared food, participate in the Auctions and hopefully contribute so the Hospital still raises the same amount of money.

The once active Calendar at SNAPD is almost empty unless you count their invitation to send in your photos.

Likewise, calendars at Northumberland News and the Radio Stations (93.3 and 89.7) are populated mostly with virtual meetings or drive-by’s.

The Christmas events in Cobourg and Port Hope are virtual. (Cobourg’s was covered here and Port Hope is holding a drive-by “parade”)

The once busy “Experience Cobourg” web site is virtually empty as is the Town’s event calendar (except for the Library).

But there are rays of hope – the Loft is busy with many sold out events including one live show.  The problem with most live shows is that they need to fill their theatres to pay for the production and Covid-19 spacing means they cannot do that.  But cinemas have only ever been filled when showing block-busters and Rainbow is still operating albeit in a limited way.

Even non-entertainment events that are a reason to get out are prohibiting attendees.  An example is the November 11 ceremony which is now virtual.

We can of course watch TV – whether conventional or streamed and we can still go out to a restaurant with a limited number of friends.  But live entertainment is very limited with no return to normal in sight.  Sorry.


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Liz Taylor
3 years ago

Cobourg and Port Hope attract many visitors. Yesterday I went to Port Hope to walk on the main street and view the shops. Noted Olympus Burger patio was full, cars and motorcycles on the main street roaring up and down, there were many people. Despite a low COVID count here I am reluctant to go to any indoor entertainment/dining spots. I watch the number creep up of COVID cases in the cities leading out our way. It is like watching a flood rise and move toward one. An earlier commentor had said “Count on getting COVID-19” earlier in the year. Things were looking much better before September but with all the people we have seen on the news gathering in great groups in parks in the larger centres COVID has reared it head very strongly now and appears to be on the verge, looking at the numbers of being out of control. Irresponsible people and lack of fines – miss the entertainment, feel bad for the vendors.