Cobourg’s Christmas Festivities

The Town of Cobourg has announced what they are doing for the Christmas season – let me expand on that and list what’s happening (and not) this Christmas.  First, you have to see the lights in Victoria Park.  Because they are limited to just the South section, there are more lights per square foot (or is it cubic foot?) so they are truly impressive – I’d say they are the best in some years.  Skating is now available in Rotary Park although the transit shelter will be closed – instead you will be able to change your skates at the benches scattered around the rink. Capacity limit was set to 25 skaters – but is now 10.  It’s open between 8 am to 9 pm daily, weather permitting. [Update – news rules coming for the Outdoor rink – see new post].  Since the CCC is closed until 23 January, there will be no free arena skating.

Usually at this time, there is a Concert by the Concert Band of Cobourg in Victoria Hall but that didn’t happen. [But see added info below].

And the Mayor’s Levee on New Year’s Day will be virtual.  The Town will be releasing a pre-recorded video on New Year’s Day at 12 noon on the Town’s YouTube Channel that will feature the Concert Band of Cobourg, a poetry reading from Poet Laureate Jessica Outram, a cry from Town Crier Mandy Robinson and Mayor Henderson speaking to the highlights of 2020.  In previous years, Weston Bakery provided free Christmas fruit cake but they have shut down in Cobourg and their premises are now occupied by Baxter’s Bakery.  So this year, Baxter’s Bakery will be giving away 100 delicious baked goods. It’s first come, first served – sign up at, get notified of where you can pick up your cake and enjoy on New Year’s Day. [Update because of lockdown – Baxter cake treat has been cancelled]

Santa's Workshop
Santa’s Workshop

We know that the Santa Parade didn’t happen so instead the usual participants were invited to provide static floats.  The Grinch must have been having an influence since there were only two entries  The AGN (with a small float in front of the Library on King Street) and a group of 10 who usually participated who put together a Santa’s WorkShop in Victoria Park (see Photo).

Cobourg’s Community Events organizer Jackie Chapman-Davis at [email protected]. organized a Home Decoration Challenge Driving Tour.  Go to this link to access an online map of a number of homes in Cobourg with impressive Christmas light displays.  (Note remember to turn off your ad-blocker to see it).

Both the Cobourg Loft and Rainbow Cinema are open and showing Christmas themed movies – but only to Christmas day since they are will be closed December 26 to January 23.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks and “First Night” celebrations will not happen this year.

You can of course watch TV or Netflix or You-Tube etc. and some restaurants are open for Christmas lunch or dinner but no more than 6 at a table.  Although some things are limited, there’s still lots happening.  Christmas is still Christmas.

Additional info

Concert Band of Cobourg

2020 Virtual Concerts

This presentation was put together from last year’s concert as well as a few groups in the band that were able to get together over the past few months.

Concert Band of Cobourg 2020 Virtual Christmas Concert

Part 1  
Part 2

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3 years ago

The lights are lovely this year and my grandkids thoroughly enjoyed Santa’s workshop ! Thank you for doing this!

3 years ago

I just checked out the frink. I stopped counting at 30. I’d like to take my grandson down for a bit of a skate, but it looks quite busy. How are they going to keep tabs on the number of users?

3 years ago

Unfortunately it appears the Town has just announced that the Baxter’s Bakery giveaway has been cancelled due to COVID restrictions in effect as of December 26, but we will still look forward to tuning into the virtual levee! Who isn’t wishing for a happier 2021!

3 years ago

In an effort to make the lives of those less fortunate a little brighter this Christmas, and to support their families and the staff, a group of residents from the community, who have chosen to remain nameless, raised over $1300 dollars in November. They put together 151, beautifully decorated gift bags, one for every Golden Plough resident, so everyone would have a gift to open Xmas morning! Bags contained a variety of items: skin cream, a safe confectionary, night down, soap , necklace, scarf, etc. and a personal card. The 26 boxes of items were delivered late November so they are safely on site. Given the lockdown I would say that it looks like there has been a little divine intervention here.

K. Upper
3 years ago

The Christmas lights in Victoria Park and by the frink are just BEAUTIFUL this year! Thank you to those responsible.

3 years ago

I saw on line an interesting idea of a movable flatbed style trailer filled with lit Christmas decorations. The trailer was moved around and parked at different nursing homes and other places where people may have had to stay put. Magical.

Thank you to all the volunteers and their helpers who have created another beautiful display in our own Town’s parks.

Reply to  MiriamM
3 years ago

Interesting idea, but it won’t work for Golden Plough Lodge this year – they have gone into “lockdown” because a staff member has tested positive for covid-19, so I was informed by phone today.

It was confirmed by a family member who resides there that everyone is now confined to their room and meals are brought in to them until further notice.

Reply to  JimT
3 years ago

Sad to hear that, JimT. I wish them all well, residents, staff and family members. I know what it is like to be blocked from visiting a family member in long term care because of lockdown, not being able to help them and only visit through a window. I doubt even a window visit will be possible for now. Engaging all people as part of community needs lots of back-up plans and sometimes creativity during time like these. Maybe computer screens for ‘face to face’ zoom style visits with family and friends (especially those living faraway) should be standard furniture in all rooms in the future. And then videos of local light displays, like the park and New Year Levee, shown live or on command. I know that gathering for meals is part of community too but sometimes being alone and calm, with a window view of birds gathering at a feeder is preferable.

Reply to  MiriamM
3 years ago

Thank you both for your replies.
Particularly difficult situation for residents who have lost their vision.