Cobourg Police busy despite Covid-19

You have to wonder about the intelligence of criminals – if you look at crime statistics, many don’t keep probation or other promises so they end up back in jail, they repeatedly offend so get known to Police and some don’t show for Court appearances. Why do they push their luck?  And why does the virus not seem to keep them inactive? Below is a summary of crimes reported by the Cobourg Police over the last 10 days or so – if you look at them together, you start to see a few things: Many offenders are repeat as shown by their failure to comply with probation requirements. Police seem to be good at noticing them on their patrols, there are no “old” offenders and most but not all offenders are male. I understand that patrols happen by car, bicycle and on-foot.


Date/Time Initiated Name Offences charged Result
July 4, 8:45 am Notified by OPP Raleen Ellis, 31, Kingston Failure to Appear, Failure to attend Court,  Fail to comply with Probation Held for Show Cause hearing
July 6, 1:00 pm Dispatched to North-West Eric BREMNER, 44, Cobourg Theft Under $5,000, Possession under $5,000, Fail to comply with Probation order Released with undertaking
July 7, 9:30 pm Dispatched to Alexandra Drive Cassidy Kerkhoven, 25, Cobourg Assault Released, Court hearing scheduled
July 8, 5:30 am Dispatched – residential Withheld to protect victim Assault Released with undertaking
July 8 Dispatched to East End N/A False report of threat to life (Details)
July 8 Dispatched to John Street Karleigh Horsley, 22, Cobourg Fail to comply with undertaking, Fail to comply with Probation Held for a bail hearing
July 9, 8:50 am Dispatched to west end Shannon Murphy, 42, Cobourg Operation while Impaired, Drive while under suspension, Driving a motor vehicle with an open container of liquor (Details) Released, Court hearing scheduled
July 10, 10:08 am Dispatched to Northeast of Town Dwayne Cameron, 34, Toronto Possession over $5000 [Stolen car – tried to sell],  Operation while prohibited, Driving under suspension, Trafficking in stolen goods over $5000,  Fail to comply with Probation Held for a bail hearing
July 11, 7:17 am Dispatched to Northeast of Town Withheld to protect victim Assault, utter threats to damage property, Theft under $5000, Possession under $5000 Released with Conditions
July 12, 11:00 am Dispatched to Northeast of Town Same person as above Breach of undertaking,  harassing communication Held for a bail hearing
July 11, 4:00 pm Notified by Peterborough Police Ryan Benson, 34, Peterborough Fail to attend for Identification, Fail to attend Court, Fail to comply with Probation Released with Conditions
July 11, 4:30 pm On Patrol Downtown Izik Hooper, 20, Roseneath Fail to comply with Probation Held for a bail hearing
July 13, 3:30 am On Patrol Charles Butler, 35, Cobourg Fail to comply with Probation Released with Conditions

Note that a “show cause hearing” is the same as a “bail hearing”.

For more details on these crimes, go to the Media page on the recently upgraded Police Web site here.

Where is Crime happening?

The Police have a map that shows where incidents happen – go here. Remembering that the map does not show all occurrences, it’s clear that most crime or 911 calls happen downtown and along main arteries like Division, King and William.  But have a look for yourself.

Although the summary above is a snapshot, it’s typical except that there are sometimes drug and weapons offences – again you have to wonder why criminals have these things in their possession. (Here’s an example – on July 2, Aaron CLIMAN, a 39 year old male and Tammy BARSLEY, a 37 year old female, both from Napanee were arrested and charged with drugs and weapons offences).

This blog does not often report on Police activity in Cobourg – one reason is that it’s well covered by reports at another Cobourg News site: Today’s Northumberland with most reporting by Pete Fisher.

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3 years ago

This Police issue is Bugging me First off they are not all out of Towners repeat offenders yes !
the one fellow for sure Charles Butler is a very local person and was one of the people taken in during the Drug Bust earlier this yr on George st and Buck area the fellow actually comes from a long time family . But the Town & County are at fault for attracting these people to the area via Transition house located downtown Cobourg most of the affordable and Cheap & affordable housing is on Swayne st ,2nd floor areas like King and Division where ODD Balls used to be some boarding houses on John etc etc Just walk around down here after dark & see for your selves
But then there is the seasonal aspect that does bring a few out of towners for the Tourist season
the end of summer report will be worse and it is every yr. The town call it Tourism .

3 years ago

I’m surprised there was no mention of this. Doesn’t look like all the facts are in, but at this point it’s running contrary to the narrative that all serious crime in Cobourg is being committed by people from outside Cobourg.

3 years ago

High time our government developed a few “work farms” where these loosers are forced to learn how to make a living and also a place to put the lawbreakers while they await their trial or instead of parole. How come Canadian agriculture businesses bring so many workers from off-shore to work our fields and greenhouses…our drop outs don’t want to work for a living…time to kick a little b-tt and put some teeth into our system so our police don’t have to continually chase the bad guys.

Reply to  cornbread
3 years ago

Regardless of how you feel about the idea of forced labour camps, a “work farm” is a lot more expensive to run than a jail.

We did used to have rehabilitation and training-focused prison farms for lower-risk inmates with high rehabilitation potential and they were successful. That program was scrapped early on in the Harper years. As I recall, Vic Toews thought they were too much like summer camps and didn’t fit well with the “tough on crime” peacocking they were doing at the time. The fact that they worked didn’t matter.

Old guy
Reply to  Matt
3 years ago

Well its time to Bring work farms Back
It sure beats catch and release these small time crime Repeat offenders
just keep stealing and breaking into cars day after day as long as its less than $5,000.–
not a big deal to anyone other than the looser . and the tax payers .
It would sure give them a reason NOT TO GET CAUGHT right now there is nothing

3 years ago

A good example of the failure of our catch and release system

Reply to  Jones
3 years ago

For sure. It’s quite an eye-opener to Google the names of these individuals and see a report of some new “incident” involving the same people every few months.
Recidivism in action, right here in our town.

Last edited 3 years ago by JimT
3 years ago

What about Radar traffic control stats (speeding offences)

Mrs. J.
Reply to  Lyle
3 years ago

Indeed, very little attention given to speeding here in town. Radar fines should be stepped up! Speeding is quite noticeable on William (between Elgin & University), as well as on University East (between Division & D’Arcy)!

Bill Thompson
Reply to  Mrs. J.
3 years ago

Not to forget speedway Division /Queen /D’Arcy and One Way direction violations on Church Street South

Old Guy
3 years ago

Just waiting for the Mayor a former Educator to announce the new Drug and Buzz word Wellness centers he is planning for Cobourg east and central area
This will keep the Police well employed along with our Para Medics . Of course these won’t be local people staying here Planning dept has acknowledged it but the Mayor well thats another I don’t know will look into it

Reply to  Old Guy
3 years ago

Someone said the Town is looking at the Woodlawn Terrace as a possible “buy” and to turn it into a center for the homeless.

Build it and “they” will come!

Reply to  John Draper
3 years ago

Anyway you cut it, the regular taxpayer will be on the hook one way or another.

Canuck Patriot
Reply to  John Draper
3 years ago

If the rumour is true, what a shame to see Cobourg’s finest restaurant turned into a drug rehabilitation center. If this is a sign of changing times, it does not bode well for the future of our quaint town.

Reply to  John Draper
3 years ago

A study of what is happening in San Francisco right now should kill the idea of putting drug addicts into hotels. Total disaster!

Paul Pagnuelo
Reply to  cornbread
3 years ago

I know the suggestion has been raised previously. The obvious solution is to re-purpose Brookside and to move the current residents to another facility. Brookside has the land, building, room to expand and is nicely located where it wouldn’t negatively impact a peaceful neighborhood.

Rather than offer up reasons why it can’t happen, hopefully MPP David Piccini will apply enough pressure at QP and make it happen. There are numerous benefits to repurposing Brookside. The County has obviously run out of a sound solution and this in my humble opinion offers huge potential if managed properly.

Reply to  cornbread
3 years ago

One group text and the word will be out

Cobourg Taxpayer
3 years ago

I notice 2-3 police cars at CCI many mornings per week, although the map only shows 5 incidents there.

Reply to  Cobourg Taxpayer
3 years ago

Maybe it isn’t reported because it is part of a pre-emptive program, regular patrol or ongoing established relationship vs. an incident call.