Cobourg Community Comes Together Online

Local Media Producer Graham Beer organized an online event on Saturday night that he called “Cobourg Together at Home – Community Special”.  The “show” was a mix of entertainment, tributes and information featuring an all-local cast.  It was professionally produced (by Graham) and broadcast on Facebook. It was co-hosted by Graham and Councillor Nicole Beatty.  The video has since been posted on You-Tube and is embedded below.  The focus was on good news and of course a significant coverage of what is happening locally to cope with the Covid-19 virus crisis.  The video finished with two performances:  1) a song by Caroline Brooks, Kerri Ough and Sue Passmore – the Good Lovelies and 2) a fun group sing-along of Hey Jude by a whole lot of people including Health Care workers.

Featured in Event

In order of appearance

  • Nicole Beatty and Caremongering (Northumberland Caremongering)
  • Cale Crowe – local singer
  • Makers at Venture 13 making face shields (more here)
  • Mayor John Henderson
  • Tribute to David Ramsey – veteran of second World war on occasion of 75th anniversary of liberation of the Netherlands [at 16:43 in video]
  • La Jeunesse Choir singing Yesterday [at 19:20]
  • Local effort helping with food distribution
  • Nancy Johnston – Cornerstone
  • Community Care
  • David Sheffield – Greenwood Coalition
  • Dyson Construction – offering minor home repairs
  • Bobbie Dawson – United Way
  • MPP David Piccini
  • Mary Ito of Cobourg Legion Pipes and Drums playing Amazing Grace for residents of St. Peter’s Court [at 31:10]
  • Chris Johnston – Hockey night in Canada
  • Michael Cortesis and signs showing “2020 Graduate Lives Here”
  • Chief Bill Detlor – Northumberland Paramedics
  • Jamie Hunt and Steve Shortt – the Busker Brothers performing Country Road [at 37:24]
  • Thelma Dillon – Dancing for Seniors at Palisade Gardens
  • Northumberland Hero Helpers – Sharon Andereson and Theresa Cragg
  • Snowbirds
  • MP Philip Lawrence
  • A Tribute to NHH workers with help from residents of Henry Street [at 46:18]
  • NHH CEO Linda Davis
  • The Good Lovelies [at 54:13]
  • A fun rendition of Hey Jude by Doug Bates and friends (some good singers – some not so good – but all having fun).

In these difficult times, it’s great to see people coming together – albeit online.  Thanks Graham for organizing and producing this all-local professional show.



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3 years ago

A Well Done Thank You ! great PROMO
Now how do we address the Real issues at hand and help those that have LOST some one, some thing, Like their Job , their Business, their homes and
or are just further in Debt
Or do we just forget about them and fallow along with the we are back to normal , open for Business
all is well with the world Propaganda that is about to come out ..
Where do those people , families and business owners go from here — ??????????????

3 years ago

It was a very entertaining and informative presentation. Couldn’t help but wonder why the producers didn’t include the local health unit. Public health professionals are working hard to keep the community up-to-date on COVID-19 and informed on how to stay safe, as well as conducting contact tracing and case follow-up.

3 years ago

Graham will be a great national news anchor….

Wally Keeler
3 years ago

Cobourg community comes together online — and quarrels.

It has been wonderful to watch the growth of Graham Beer and his video work. When I returned to Cobourg a few years back, I attended an event at the Cobourg Museum. Graham was there with his handheld and I with mine. There was an abundance of eagerness in his camera work. Year by year he absorbed and reflected more and more professionalism. The above video is superlative in execution.