Update on Housing Developments – July 2019

At the Council meeting on 22 July, an update on developments currently with the planning department was given by Councillor Aaron Burchat (on behalf of Planning coordinator Nicole Beatty who was absent).  Aaron said there were 25 projects and listed 12 of them.  They included projects that had recently come before council plus some others.  There is a wide range planned – some are low cost and affordable while others are “high end”.  It’s clear a good number of major developers are interested in the Cobourg market – perhaps encouraged by the recent rise in house prices here.  These include Stalwood, New Amherst, Mason Homes, Rondeau, LeBlanc Homes, Balder Corporation and Rollins Investments.  Some have been in various stages for several years but the total number of units is well over 2000 so when built, Cobourg will have a population well over 20,000.

One major project has moved out of planning and is now being built – the TVM Condos on the Legion property on Hibernia are sold out and owners expect to move in by the end of 2019.

The table below lists the major subdivisions and developments together with links to further information when available.

Development Address Additional Info
East Village Phases 3 and 4 – Stalwood homes – Freehold Brook Road & King East  
East Village Phases 3 and 4 – Stalwood homes – Condominiums Brook Road & King East Condos in east End – 3 April 2019
East Village Phase 5 – Stalwood Homes Brook Road & King East More growth planned for East end – 27 June 2019  and Sustainability committee chair wants East Village improvements – 12 July 2019
Mason Homes 425 King Street East Proposed plan shown here – 27 Feb 2019
Cedar Shores Estates 589 King West Two Major projects up for Site Plan approval – 27 March 2018 (note: Sobey’s redevelopment is on hold – no news) 
New Amherst Stage 2, phase 2 North of Kerr Street  
Parkviewhills – Leblanc Homes Densmore Rd and Alder  
Villages on Central park – Rondeau North of Elgin, East of Brook Housing developments in Northeast of Cobourg – 28 June 2018  and also
East End Housing Development 3 June 2015
Balder Corp – affordable Rental apartments University West and William Council approves re-zoning for Balder Corp Development – 3 July 2019 and
Council acts on Affordable Housing – 1 April 2019
Habitat for Humanity – Fourplex Rentals 22-24 University West  
Trinity Housing 25 James and 321 John Council acts on Affordable Housing – 1 April 2019
University Terrace Condominiums – Rollins Investments – 10 units 100 University East Similar to Ryerson Commons but on the west side of Victoria College.
Bannister Storage Units 671 Division Street  

Notably absent was West Park Village by Vandyk – they have gone on hold. See comment on this by Planning Director Glenn McGlashon at the bottom of this page. No further news. Also absent is the planned John Lee development at the Cobourg Jail.


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Old Sailor
4 years ago

Perhaps the federal government should keep the billions they collect in carbon taxes and give homeowners self financing tax credits for solar panels etc, etc. Keep the new house prices low and encourage owners of existing homes to spend on environmental retrofitting.

Instead the federal government gives their carbon tax collected back to every tax payer as a vote getting ploy. Completely unrelated to the taxpayers investment in environmental products.

Linda Mackenzie-Nicholas
Reply to  Old Sailor
4 years ago

carbon tax is a rebate for gas usage.

4 years ago

ALL new developments should be required to list what features they will commit to, beyond Code, that will ensure these homes are solar panel ready, have availability for EV, use of ‘grey water’, and are ‘Passive House’ certified! The Climate Crisis is not going away and building with tools designed for a different climate reality are absolutely essential if houses are to be affordable with regards to energy efficiency and water consumption.