Truly Local Radio gets Federal Grant

MP Kim Rudd was at the local radio station on Tuesday to announce a grant of $24,300 from the Federal Government through the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP).   This will support a program Northumberland 89.7 FM is planning to produce where seniors will tell stories about their memories and local history.  Hopefully they will be about interesting things that most have not heard of.  I suggested an example might be a story by Larry Wilson who was there as a boy in 1951 when a plane landed in the field of his family’s farm – right where Canadian Tire is now.  But there are surely more stories.  The working title of the program is “Stories for the Ages” – it will be on-air soon.

MP Kim Rudd at Northumberland FM 89.7
MP Kim Rudd at Northumberland FM 89.7

At the station to hear the good news from Kim were announcer Dave Glover, Station manager Kevin Stuart and Barry Walker, Chair of the Board of Northumberland 89.7 FM – see photo. 

Earlier in the day, Kim was at Alderville to announce a grant for $25,000 for the Empowerment and Information Project for Elders.  The intent of the New Horizons for Seniors Program is to help seniors stay active and involved in their community.  The program has also provided money for multiple other activities in other communities – all with the aim to help seniors stay active and involved.

Northumberland 89.7 FM started in 2012 and provides “Truly Local Radio” to West Northumberland with an office/studio at 1000 Elgin West in Cobourg.  Most of the work is performed by volunteers and they strive to support local artists and not-for-profit organizations, providing them with communications opportunities at little or no cost.

One of the benefits they bring to the public – even if you don’t listen to the radio (who would have thought there was anybody in that category?) – is a series of free summer concerts in Victoria Park supported by the Town and other sponsors.  This will be the fifth year and each year they get progressively better with bigger audiences.  See the Cobourg Internet Entertainment Calendar for details.


Cobourg history – a Plane landed in Cobourg

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Doug Weldon
5 years ago

We are lucky to have a government that at least attempts to address social issues even as relatively minor as these grants may be. The alternative will come in to ‘balance the budget’ which really means just pushing more into the hands of the 1% while cutting meaningful social programs. Just look right around us to see what is happening in Ontario. All with little improvement to the deficit but boy will we be able to pick up a case of beer anywhere we want. Perhaps the Libs and NDP do care about the community!
Just sayin’.

Mrs. Anonymous
Reply to  Doug Weldon
5 years ago

The New Horizons for Seniors grant is a Federal program that has run under both Conservative and Liberal governments for several years.

manfred s
Reply to  Doug Weldon
5 years ago

if we drill down deep enough we come to understand that the lib-cons relationship is a symbiotic one, in which neither would survive without the other. When one half spends more than they bring in, their phliosophy would bankrupt us unless the other’s tight-fistedness kicks in long enough to let us recover from the edge of insolvency. If that half’s philosophy prevails too long, we approach the edge of social ruin and risk social sterility. As we have it, the seesaw keeps us somewhere in between, sometimes good and sometimes not so good. These types of announcements are the result and we win, for a while, at least until the bill comes in.

Jim Thomas
Reply to  manfred s
5 years ago

I wish!
No Ontario government has managed to reduce the provincial debt for decades. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger as we borrow each year just to pay off last year’s interest.
“As of March 31, 2018, the Ontario government’s total debt is projected to be $348.79 billion.” — Wikipedia
There is no way 15 million citizens can ever hope to reduce any of it.
Sorry, there is no semblance of “see-saw” balance.

5 years ago

Kudos to 89.7! This is a great radio station and it is interesting that it still carries on with only volunteer help!
I remember telling Jim Glover that my favourite form of ‘media’ is radio and the fact that my wife and I (retirees) listen to CBC radio about 60% of the time and 89.7, 40% of the time, says a lot for this local radio station!
Also looking forward to the ‘concerts in the summer’ at our Victoria Park!
Please keep up the good work!

Jim Thomas
5 years ago

Government handouts everywhere. You’d almost think there was an election coming up.

Reply to  Jim Thomas
5 years ago

Gee and here I thought they cared about the community, now remember spread those crumbs around and the voters will never realize what u r doing but please save some money for costumes