Santa Parade – 2019

There was a good crowd watching Cobourg’s 64th Santa parade on Sunday – lots of families and little ones.  Organization seemed to be good despite the Lions withdrawing financial support.  They continue to help, notably with Santa’s float and providing volunteers, but in a letter to Council dated October 17, the Lions Club said they are unable “to provide financial support to the 2019 Santa Claus Parade nor to any Santa Claus parade in the foreseeable future”.  The weather this year was cold (around freezing) but sunny.  The Parade lasted about 40 minutes and featured five bands (see list and video below), a good number of floats with lots of kids, a number of sports teams and dance troupes plus the usual commercial and public entities.

Santa Parade Legion Pipes
Santa Parade Legion Pipes

Most of the local politicians participated (although not all) – Councillors even waved at my camera!  There were a good number of well-behaved dogs, some well decorated floats, a tractor, the queer collective and few if any Christian Groups. I didn’t notice any Nativity scenes – maybe the Churches are resigned to it being a reminder of the Christmas shopping season and not so much a religious feast.

Santa’s sleigh was (to me) a bit sad looking but the little kids didn’t seem to mind.

Here is a list of the bands participating – always a highlight – in sequence of appearing:

  • Cobourg Legion Pipes and Drums
  • Skeena Sea Cadets
  • Durham Regional Police Pipe Band
  • Northumberland New Ventures Band – squeezed onto a trailer
  • Concert Band of Cobourg


Lions letter to Council –  Dated 17 October 2019 – on Agenda of Regular Council 12 November 2019

Lions not funding 2019 Santa Parade – Post on 12 March 2019

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John Green
4 years ago

I stand by my post but I don’t like to leave it as a negative.
In the spirit of Christmas, and to put aside the politics.
Merry Christmas to everyone.

John Green
4 years ago

Socialism is not compatable with Christianity.
It is obvious that traditional Christmas has been largely replaced by tinsel and secular humanist fund drive$.

It’s by far the best revenue raising time of the year…. so, maybe that should be the title of a new carol to be sung at the band shell?
How about replacing Jesus in the manger with a baby Karl Marx in an elf hat? That would be quaint.

People must have freedom of religion and that includes humanism and Christianity, but lets not kid ourselves…. Christmas is becoming a secular humanist holiday and I believe that most people would enjoy more traditional.

Reply to  John Green
4 years ago

I think you got lost. This is the thread about the Santa Claus parade, not the Jesus Parade.

If you assume literally every single person in Canada who identifies as Christian is firmly devout, and wishes that the secular state would also support their religion, that is BARELY “most” Canadians.

Given the number of people I know who identify as Christians and don’t even go to Church every Sunday, let alone wish for a state religion, nowhere close to “most” Canadians want a “Traditional” Christmas.

You know what’s worse than secular humanism? A theocracy.

4 years ago

Santa’s sleigh was a little low key to my mind. Everything else was excellent, especially the bands, kids, and dogs.

4 years ago

Thanks for sharing this John. Loved seeing all the kids involved… especially the dancers. Bands are as always fun. I think Santa was twice as good as last year !!!!

PS Those hockey players should try passing a puck back and forth next year😁

4 years ago

Too bad more local businesses don’t put a float in the parade. (Not just a truck with a tree in the back.) Maybe the Town of Cobourg should have a float. Enjoyed the parade and particularly the bands..

Kelowna Junk
4 years ago

Excellent coverage of the parade! Really enjoyed the video

Miriam Mutton
4 years ago

Good video! And, Santa’s sleigh looked great … all nine reindeer were there, too.
Many thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors who helped make the parade happen.

4 years ago

Thanks for posting that John. You’ve captured it well and so nice to be able to see (and hear) the parade when some of us couldn’t make it. Always great to hear our wonderful bands playing so well. You always manage to get the participating group identification shown as well – Good show!!!