Northumberland Classic Bicycle Race Returns

In 2018, Greg Rawson brought two major bicycle events to Cobourg and vicinity – the Criterium race in  August in Downtown Cobourg and the Northumberland Classic in May starting at Baltimore Arena.  This year, they will both be on the weekend of May 25, 26 with the grueling Northumberland Classic on Saturday once again in Baltimore and the Criterium race moving to Trenton on Sunday.  For the Classic, more than 300 participants are expected in 10 categories spread over 3 races.  The Elite category will complete 140Km but even the minimum category does 72 KM.  The course includes climbing hills – notably Northumberland Heights road – see map below.  The first race starts at 8:30 am and is expected to take 2 hours to complete; the last one starts at 1:45 pm and is scheduled to be finished by 5:15 pm.

Northumberland classic
Northumberland classic

A big part of the challenge is the climb – over the full race and number of laps, the total climb is at least 900 meters and 1800 meters for the elite category.  Not all participants are expected to finish!

Another “feature” is that the route includes “a hard-packed dirt section, roughly 400m in length, at the top of Northumberland Heights Road climb. Prepare for some fun potholes and gravel.”

Following last year’s inaugural race, cycling teams said, “Great course. Very challenging and beautiful countryside.” “Best road race in Ontario.” “Great to be on such a super course with real challenges!”

The start and finish is at Baltimore arena and that would be a good place to watch.  The event is organized by Greg Rawson and his company Performance Driven Events.  Above right is a photo that he supplied. Below is a map of the route which is 16.5km long – some participants do 8 laps of this as well as 3 km out and back.

2019 Northumberland Classic route map
2019 Northumberland Classic route map


Category Registration Start Time Distance Laps Est. Time Est. Climbing
Elite 4 Men 7:00 8:30 72km 4 2:00 900 m
Master 3 Men 7:00 8:33 72km 4 2:00 900 m
Elite 3 Women 7:00 8:34 72km 4 2:00 900 m
Master Women 7:00 8:34 72km 4 2:00 900 m
Elite 3 Men 8:30 11:00 88.5 km 5 2:00 1125m
Master 2 Men 8:30 11:02 88.5 km 5 2:00 1125m
Elite 1/2 Women 8:30 11:04 88.5 km 5 2:20 1125m
Elite 1/2 Men 11:00 1:45 140km 8 3:30 1800m
Master 1 Men 11:00 1:48 105km 6 2:40 1350m
Sportif 11:00 1:50 52.5 km 3 2:30 675 m

Note that the “Sportif” category is for people who want to try out without actually entering the competition. No license is required for this.  


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4 years ago

Hi Greg, nice to see this event back in Northumberland County.
It’s great to see an event like this.
Best to all organizers and participants. Enjoy.

Gregory Rawson
Reply to  Pierre
4 years ago

Thanks Pierre! The riders seem to really love it. I appreciate your kind words!