New Hotel planned

Cobourg’s Planning department has received a re-zoning application to allow a hotel to be built at the end of DePalma Drive between Home Depot and Walmart.  The specific hotel brand has not been revealed but the company behind the application is DePalma Developments Limited which has been active in Cobourg for some time.  It’s just at the notification stage – there will be a public meeting called before too long and more details are expected then.  The proposed Hotel will “consist of 82 hotel suites, amenity space for hotel patrons including pool, fitness centre, meeting rooms, board room, meal space, and lobby area. Spaces for hotel staff office/administrative and maintenance will also be provided”.  Below is a Google Earth map showing exactly where the property will be located.

Over the last decade or so, many people had hoped that a hotel would be built downtown – one option was on the vacant “Quigley” parking lot (200 Second Street) and the other was on the waterfront in the Trailer Park.  But it seems that being near the 401 is more important than being downtown or near the Lake.

Around 1860, it was fashionable for wealthy people to live long term in hotels and Cobourg had several downtown catering to that – see Cobourg History site for more on that (use the site’s upgraded search capability to look for “hotel”).  Note especially the Arlington which was in what is now Victoria Park.  The only remaining downtown hotels are Kelly’s Homelike Inn and John Lee’s King George Inn.  But with the exception of the popular Breakers (16 rooms), the largest Hotels are now nearer the 401.  The Town’s Tourism web site has a full list here.

Map showing location of planned 4-storey 82 room hotel

Location of planned Hotel
Location of planned Hotel


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4 years ago

Cobourg is changing as are all the towns surrounding it… while I like farmland, it needs to fit within the vision for the future. The truth is as “bulging” Toronto expands, people are moving to new communities, with that diaspora comes the need for amenities. Let’s help business are looking to invest in Cobourg’s vision for the future do so– the days of farm fields, while idyllic and quaint are gone; however, thoughtful development that is inline with our town plan should be helped along or Cobourg will flounder while other towns benefit. A new quality hotel that is affordable would be welcomed by many residents and visitors alike.

4 years ago

I am thrilled that there will be a Holiday Inn Express in Cobourg and a Hampton Inn in Port Hope. Nice places for our out-of-town company to stay.

4 years ago

Hmmmmm, one more chunk of farm land sacrificed to “development”. I suppose they can simply till around the hotel.

Reply to  Ciw
4 years ago

It in the Towns Official Plan to be developed and I bet the Owners have been paying Hug commercial Taxes for over 20 yrs not Farm rate s . I wonder why the Town held them up so long No one thinks of adding those cost in to the Ownership

4 years ago

There is a Hampton Inn beening built in Port Hope up by Home Hardware

4 years ago

The Brand (logo) of the hotel is clearly disclosed in the link that you have provided as being the Holiday Inn Express Hotels. See the bottom of the last page, 6 of 6.

Reply to  Dave
4 years ago

Yes its Needed Cobourg has Grown a lot since the last one was built 30 + yrs ago — and who ever wrote this article about the description of the Hotel with all those amenities are Wrong the Info on the hotel was available months ago evidently they didn’t do their home work ie Pool , etc not.
But I wish it had a real dinning Rm I am getting tired of all this thaw and serve Canadian supposed Pub food around here I believe the Wood lawn is the only true dinning Rm left

Reply to  perplexed
4 years ago

There are several quality restaurants in Cobourg, many with talented Chefs. Perhaps visit the Downtown.

Reply to  Ryan
4 years ago

There are several quality restaurants in Cobourg, many with talented Chefs. Perhaps visit the Downtown.

Specific recommendations please.