More from January 14 Council Meeting

In addition to the surprise change in vote by Deputy Mayor Suzanne Séguin about opting-in on Cannabis retail stores, there were some other surprising moves made – notably by Councillor Emily Chorley.  Debbie Davis submitted a petition “on behalf of concerned parents from Terry Fox Public School, regarding amendments to the No Parking Restrictions on Riddell Street and the end of White Street.”  As expected, staff recommended that Council direct the petition to Public Works Staff for a report back to Council.   But unexpectedly, Emily successfully moved that a timely report be made given that there were many items that have been on unfinished business for many months.  Her motion specified a limit of 3 months.  Another surprise was a Notice of motion by Suzanne Séguin to put the Floating Playground contract on hold pending a staff report – Emily supported that by seconding it.

Emily Chorley
Emily Chorley

It seems that no contract was ever signed for the playground and now that Suzanne’s “Notice of Motion” has passed, it will be discussed at the next C.O.W. on 28 January with the potential that the playground idea will be dropped.

Regular Council meetings are also the forum for Coordinator reports.  Since he is the Coordinator for Economic Development, Mayor John Henderson gave a lengthy report listing the good economic news for the Town over the last several weeks.  Most of this has been reported elsewhere but John also mentioned that he spent time with 4 students from William Academy.  They helped with a Town clean up project then got treated to lunch at Tim’s where they asked “what is a bagel” and “what’s Chili”.

Suzanne’s report started with an apology for the poor sound on the Town’s video feed (I agree, it’s simply awful and speaks to technical incompetence somewhere).  She also provided a comprehensive list of what’s planned for the upcoming budget planning sessions.  The biggest change is a dramatic increase in the number of sessions open to the public.  Previously, staff submissions were not public, but now they will be.

Budget Schedule

February 5, 4:00 pm Planning & Development Services
General Government Services
Economic Development

Week of February 11 to 15 – no meetings because of Strategic Planning Session (2 days, February 12 and 13)

February 20, 2:00 pm Public Works and Environmental Services
February 21, 4:00 pm Community Services
February 28, 4:00 pm Protection Services
Cobourg Public Library

Meetings will take place in Council Chambers and will be open to the public to attend as observers.

March 7, 2019 – Committee of the Whole meeting to review the full operating and capital budget starting at 10 am. If a second day is necessary it would be Friday, March 8, 2019.
Review and consideration of Community Grants will also take place during this session.

Motion to approve the 2019 Operating and Capital budgets will go to either March 18 or April 8 Regular Council Meeting.

Adam Bureau’s report included that there will be a public meeting in February to get an update on the Cultural Plan.

Emily mentioned in her report that options for the East pier would be provided during budget deliberations.

When I asked Brent Larmer about a complete list of Advisory Committees and their members, he indicated that the committees are under review and changes including possible disbanding would be coming before Council soon.


Petition presented by Debbie Davis

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Janet Hynes
5 years ago

I also have the opportunity to pick up children at Burnham Public School — It’s a total mess at school hours
Could the Board look at who is taking children via cars — are they children within so called walking distance — perhaps picking them up by a bus already going by homes could pick up more children and save parents driving these children to school to protect them -from say bad drivers, or being kidnapped, or freezing to death, or having to cross busy streets

Also, if children could be dropped off at care givers after school (if on a regular basis) – perhaps cars wouldn’t have to come by and pick up students, just to be dropped off at sitters’ homes.

Reply to  Janet Hynes
5 years ago

Thanks for your comments, Janet. As a driver at Baltimore Public school, I have the opportunity to observe the children coming onto my bus and most times I can see the little ones that are being picked up by someone else. The teacher that follows the children out, keeps an eye on them also.
The children are in a very safe situation, from the time they come out the school doors, till they get to my bus and get on.
What I am sure of is that most people do not know the ‘procedure’, a school bus driver has to follow when, depending on the age of the child being dropped off at their stop. Someone familiar to the child and the driver, has to greet the child.
If that parent/grandparent, or guardian is not present, then a ‘radio call’ to our dispatcher is made and the child will be returned to the school.

5 years ago

Still waiting for a report on our new mayors China trip.

Reply to  cornbread
5 years ago

Just glad they are back without getting arrested!

Wally Keeler
Reply to  Albert
5 years ago

You are too kind Albert. It’s not an arrest; it’s an abduction. It’s the fundamental behaviour of dictatorshits.

5 years ago

In regards to the ‘petition’ by Debbie Davis…….as a school bus driver, I often wonder why there are so many parents, guardians, etc. picking up the children every day, after school? The taxes we all pay, part of it being to fund ‘education’, includes the cost of school buses.
I drive into Baltimore P.S., to both drop off pupils, in the morning and then in the afternoon, to pick up the children and safely drive them home. I cannot believe the number of people that drive to the school to pick up their children? Vehicles all over the lot! It seems it is the same people, every day? Maybe this happens at Terry Fox P.S. also?
The point I am trying to make is that this can be a ‘safety issue’ around any of the schools. Cars parked on the immediate street, cars in and out of the parking areas, children running around looking for mom or dad, etc.
In my humble opinion, vehicles should not be allowed, to stop or park, . .any where near a school between certain hours! Possibly this is why parking around Terry Fox P.S. is restricted?
Let the experts get your children home safely and leave your vehicle at home.

Deborah OConnor
Reply to  Ken
5 years ago

If I may, I’d like to suggest all this car congestion is a result of our modern times. Parents are terrified by bogeymen and the Children’s Aid into believing if they let their kids be out of sight more than 30 seconds, some unspeakable act will be perpetrated on them.

It’s apparently called “helicopter parenting” and persists up to and including post secondary education. On the other side is “free range parenting”, where kids are allowed to sample life’s experiences independently. Sort of like the 50s, when the only rule was to be home by dark.

I’m glad I was a kid in the 50s.

manfred s
Reply to  Deborah OConnor
5 years ago

one reason…one name…Tori Stafford

the dangers are real, the threat is real, it is a different world, parents are nervous and they cope the best they can. On another level, my Granddaughter and Grandson ride the bus from 7:40 to 8:50 am and just as long to get home. Driving them would take 15 minutes but they take the bus for several reasons. Not everyone has the same circumstances.

Reply to  Ken
5 years ago

I have seen the “experts” drive – roll through stop signs, speed up at yellow traffic lights, U turns on Theatre Road and yes just plain speeding.

Reply to  Rationale
5 years ago

Well ‘Rationale’……..I do not disagree with your comment! There are always ‘bad apples’ in every bunch! Maybe it’s the $12.00 an hour paid, for all that responsibility, which makes it hard to find good, responsible drivers?
I’ve had two different people, one a retired teacher and another a Principal, at one of the schools, say, to me, “you’ve got to be crazy to do that job of driving a school bus”!
Oh, well…….I guess I enjoy helping out the children and also driving. It also gets me ‘out of the house’ and ‘out of my wife’s hair’!….. 🙂

Reply to  Ken
5 years ago

Ken, aren’t school bus drivers covered under Ontario’s minimum wage policy of $14.00/hour? I’m not not saying they aren’t worth more than that given the responsibilities they shoulder but I thought $14.00 was at least the minimum they could be paid.

Reply to  Frenchy
5 years ago

Well….just to keep it short… bus drivers are only paid from the time they pick up their first pupil/student, to the time they drop them off at the school. Travelling time, with no one in the bus, one is not paid. Fueling up the bus, is on your own time. Taking about a half hour, at home, every week, to fill out the MTO log sheets, is on ones own time.
This is why, in our company, we drivers have opted to join UNIFOR, to have them represent us and help us get a ‘fair deal’ with our first contract.
I also know that Service Canada, would have something to say to our company, in regards to my time shown on the MTO log sheets, as it does not reflect correctly on the monies the company has to pay the government towards EI benefits….but that’s another story!

Walter L. Luedtke
5 years ago

Yes indeedy! ‘Openness and transparency’ have arrived in Cobourg!
There is a ‘dramatic’ increase in meetings which Cobourgers, who want to get out of the house, can attend. Drama and entertainment for all.
And then there are the Boards and Advisory Boards who also will be competing for an audience.
They may need to spice up their agendas.
Actually, these Boards still need members:
Cobourg Public Library Board
Accessibility Advisory Committee
Downtown Coalition Advisory Committee
Environmental Active Transportation Advisory Committee
Cobourg Police Services Board (Public Appointee).
So get out there and attend!

manfred s
Reply to  Walter L. Luedtke
5 years ago

Walter, my good friend, you’re sounding a bit, shall we say, sarcastic. It’s a good thing that “Openness and transparency’ have arrived in Cobourg!” It’s far better than the reverse, no?
In my mind I loosely liken it to things like seat belts, air bags, fire extinguishers, spare tire, etc., etc. These are all good to have available to use when needed but are not necessarily needing to be used regularly to make them important and available. “Openness and transparency” are a good thing to have readily at hand and working consistently so as to avoid problems that are sure to manifest if they weren’t. Maybe you see it differently but I for one, am glad to see them apparently finding their way into our local political arena.

Walter L. Luedtke
Reply to  manfred s
5 years ago

Just having a bit of fun, my learned friend!
Being in favour of ‘openness, transparency and accountability’ is like being in favour of motherhood, apple pie and good personal hygiene.
When I lived in Alnwick/Haldimand I was on the Provincial Appointee on the Police Services Board, Chair of the Library Board and Chair of the local LACAC.
I missed out on being on the Abandoned Cemeteries Board.
It was always a struggle to fill our Board positions, never mind having an audience.
The truth of the matter is that much of municipal governance is ho-hum routine and actually a bit boring.
What folks like to see is drama and a splatter of blood on the floor, sort of like in wrestling.

manfred s
Reply to  Walter L. Luedtke
5 years ago

NOW…I’m a confirmed fan! I admire anyone who has the stomach and stamina to endure service on a voluntary committee or board. I just couldn’t accept the group being ignored unless it was politically expedient to use it for one reason or another instead of actually being taken under consideration for its input.

…and you are so right about the day to day nature of municipal politics. But, there is the entertainment side too, the one that attracts the hecklers, whiners and complainers, as we see from time to time right here. They just hang back in the shadows until they sniff a hint of controversy, then whuuup, they jump out and do their thing. Actually, that is entertaining in itself, when it’s not just petulant or annoying.

Wally Keeler
Reply to  Walter L. Luedtke
5 years ago

So get out there and attend!

Good call
I concur.
Nota bene: still single digits watching Town Council live stream.