Lions not funding 2019 Santa Parade

According to Andrew Hall who is on Cobourg’s Santa Parade organizing committee, he is not aware of any funding from the Lions club for this year’s Santa Parade.  This is a change from previous years and is why the committee is asking for a $10,000 community grant.  Andrew explained this in a presentation to Council at Monday’s meeting.  The organizing committee consists of all volunteers and gets a regular contribution of $3500 from the DBIA but with no contribution from Lions and only a few hundred dollars from sponsors, they will not be able to cover their usual costs of $9 to $10K.  The budget for 2019 with the grant and DBIA’s $3500 would be higher than previous years but that would go towards refurbishing the reindeers on Santa’s float – who are “due for retirement”.

Santa Parade 2018
Santa Parade 2018

Andrew explained that about $6000 of the budget goes towards entertainment – bands etc – with the rest going to other expenses such as maintaining floats.  Although the Lions do not expect to be making a financial contribution in 2019, Andrew expects that they will continue to assist by providing volunteers.

With the total amount of requests for community grants well over the goal of around $44K, a lot of applicants will be disappointed when decisions are made at the March 14 Budget meeting.  The Northumberland Orchestra and Choir were also at Monday’s meeting talking about their request for $4000; Les AMIS were at a Council meeting on 25 February asking for $6000. Stay tuned for an update later this week.


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5 years ago

It would be helpful if the Lions Club gave their reasons for changing their decision for the 2019 SC Parade.

Paul Pagnuelo
Reply to  cornbread
5 years ago

According to a news report by Cecilia Nasmith, while the Lions will continue to offer volunteers, they have decided their funding priorities must be people in need,

Santa’s parade is enjoyed by residents of all age groups. Even those miserly grumps that Wally speaks so fondly of. Surely this is one grant that can be seen to be of significant value to a wide segment of the citizens of Cobourg.

There is something special to be enjoyed by the magic of Christmas and Santa.

Reply to  Paul Pagnuelo
5 years ago

Since the DBIA is the only remaining sponsor, should we have hard numbers on the people who attend this commercial event and how many do their Christmas shopping in Cobourg?
It looks like hardly anybody is on the sidewalk in the photo.
Has anyone approached the churches for sponsorship to draw attention to the religious aspects of Christmas?

Wally Keeler
5 years ago

Cobourg is a sedentary retirement town containing many residents that espouse user-pays. A Santa Clause parade is largely meant for the vibrancy that families and children bring to a community. The vibrancy of yore has been replaced with miserly grumps, groaners and moaners burdened with aches and pains.

Reply to  Wally Keeler
5 years ago

What about having it indoors in the CCC and selling tickets? Maybe in August?
Lots of shopping days till Christmas and user-pay.

Reply to  Wally Keeler
5 years ago

AWE…….come on Wally, don’t tell me you do not believe in Santa!?
p.s. I gave you a ‘thumbs up’.

Jim Thomas
Reply to  Ken
5 years ago

I think if Wally believed in Santa Claus, he would at least know how to spell his name correctly.

Stan G
5 years ago

I for one hope the town decides to provide at least some of the necessary funds. It would be a shame to see the Santa Clause parade get cancelled. Although it being held in November and not December is something I’ve always found unfortunate. At the very least, I’d prefer the last Sunday of November instead of the second-last as it was this year. November 18th is just too early to be thinking about Christmas.

That said, I do very much enjoy the parade, regardless of when it is held.

Carol farren
Reply to  Stan G
5 years ago

I believe the date is due to the availability of the bands