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Although major newspapers and magazines (e.g. Time) publish Person of the Year and News of the Year, these are selected by journalists and not the readers of these publications.  But the blog format provides a way of measuring interest – the number of hits and the number of comments.  Although the Cobourg News Blog email goes out to about 1200 subscribers, not everyone clicks on the link to read more.  And although others look at the home page, not everyone goes past that to the detailed articles. So what are Cobourg people really interested in? I have listed below what people read about in 2019 with ranking based on hits.  Note that unlike many web sites, the count of hits does not include multiple views by one person inside a 4 hour window so if you are comparing, these numbers will be more realistic.

2019 Popular posts as measured by Hits

Article Date Hits Comments
Poutine festival coming to Cobourg 30 Jan 2019 3441 45
Christmas Lights Changed for 2019 11 Nov 2019 3227 10
Major Changes in Garbage and Recycling Collection
Updated at this page.
9 May 2019 3093 60
Development News 27 Feb 2019 2826 55
Cannabis Facility Update 7 Feb 2019 2655 11
New Hotel planned
More details here.
7 Sept 2019 2558 9
Sidewalk Sale and Sandcastle Competition 2019 3 Aug 2019 2455 17
Update on House prices in Cobourg
Now has a dedicated page
14 July 2019 2306 5
Local Riding has a new MP 22 Oct 2019 2280 15

Notable for number of Comments

Dramatic Presentation on Climate Crisis 20 Nov 2019 1803 153
Climate Change Demonstration in Cobourg 27 Sept 2019 1860 131
Cobourg Couple Planning Long Trip in their Tesla 16 Nov 2019 2058 122
New Sidewalk Priority Plan 11 Oct 2019 1444 103

 You can form your own opinions from this but it’s notable that Climate change topics stir people up.
Note that the hits and comments counts are accurate as of 11:42 am, 30 Dec. 


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4 years ago

Here’s a hot topic that started in 2019 but is coming to a vote early in 2020. At tomorrow’s Budget Review meeting, council will decide on whether to give themselves another BIG FAT RAISE.
Here’s a copy of an email I sent to members of council.

Are you guys seriously considering giving yourselves a 46% pay increase after receiving a 32% increase last year, all the while asking everyone else to adhere to a 1.9% increase in their 2020 budgets?
Where do you think this money comes from? I’ve run out.

John – please show up for the vote.
Susanne – when it comes to your budget guidelines, is it a case of do as I say not as I do?
Nicole – might you change your mind again?
Brian – try to restore some sanity to this group.
Emily – didn’t you know the compensation package and job requirements going in?
Aaron – help Brian.
Adam – increase the compensation for the next council and run on that ticket if you want more money.


4 years ago

What about the so called AFFORDABLE Housing Strategy
in the News and Council every wk . Now they have identified the gaps in the
strategy or program according to the January 2nd Northumberland News that some how ended up at my door Dec 31 st a little late I would say . The very simple fact is we have young in experienced people appointed to a Job for which they have very little knowledge of . Sure through $$$$ at it like acquiring over priced properties to renovate or build on — that ends up costing more per unit than it would if they had purchased a purpose built building ready to go Where is the Logic these people have no background in Real Estate or from the sounds and looks of it acquisitions of viable low cost or affordable rental income properties either .
The fact is their numbers $$ on the Average population are skewed to this immediate area and Cobourg is off the Charts due to the controlled supply of housing and apartments over the last 15 yrs pushing the rents through the roof .
These figures offered in todays paper don’t target the need and or the needy or identify age brackets and or the reason s people are in these positions or why we have such long 9 yr waiting lists after all these years of fighting for more and more affordable anything Why It doesn’t]t even speak to income levels in those Brackets
People with money have options they in many cases are not working and are there fore not tied to Cobourg
So lets really take a good long HARD look at the real issues this year . You won’t like what you find !

4 years ago

RECYCLING it annoys me that folks gave me the thump’s down? why would you NOT THINK that employees in Grafton would not lose there jobs when we are doing the recycling curbside? OH! I KNOW, THE SAME PEOPLE THAT USE SELF CHECK OUTS! NO CASHIERS JOBS LOST THERE???????????????????

Reply to  greengrass
4 years ago

I don’t see why they would lose their jobs. Everything still has to be sorted, it has been pre-sorted to a certain degree but would still need to be further sorted. Also I imagine half the bins have been sorted incorrectly by homeowners.

If anything it’s made their jobs easier while maintaining them at the same time.

Ken Strauss
Reply to  Durka
4 years ago

If there are no job losses due to residents sorting their own waste then why are we semi-sorting rather than the workers in Grafton doing everything as has been the case for years? Forcing residents to spend time sorting with no benefit is ridiculous.

Reply to  Ken Strauss
4 years ago

Liberal socialism at work again

Reply to  Ken Strauss
4 years ago

Why should all the sorting be done by a few individuals in one place when it can be done by thousands of individuals at home, each doing a tiny portion of the labour amounting to a few minutes or so a week.

manfred s
Reply to  Ken Strauss
4 years ago

then again, this strategy might help by delaying an INCEASE in sortation personel as volumes grow. That would be a good reason to resort I’d think. Sometimes we find answers in the future as opposed to looking at the present or past.

Ken Strauss
Reply to  manfred s
4 years ago

If I understand the County’s study correctly, they hope to decrease collection volumes AND have residents do more of the work. If that happens then we should need considerably fewer paid staff to sort stuff.