Drug Trafficking in Cobourg

We tend to think that the drug trade only happens in Toronto and not in Cobourg but on Tuesday Feb 26, Cobourg and Port Hope Police arrested two men caught in the act of buying/selling cocaine.  The seller, 24 year old Daniel Campbell-Johnson of Ajax, also had a loaded .45 semi-automatic and was held overnight for a bail hearing. The buyer, 69 year old Floyd Graham of Cobourg, was released pending a court appearance.  The Cobourg Police Press release said that “Officers were in the area of John Street and James Street in the Town of Cobourg and observed a drug transaction between two males.  Both males were arrested and a loaded firearm was recovered along with a substantial quantity of suspected cocaine.  Both males were transported to the Cobourg Police Station.”

Police Photo - 28 Feb 2019
Police Photo – 28 Feb 2019

The photo was released by the Police to show what was seized and included the description “Police seized a semi-automatic .45 Caliber, Interarms handgun and just over 6 ounces of suspected cocaine with an approximate street value of $18,500”. The photo also shows some currency and two cellphones plus what looks like another gadget – a scale maybe?

The Police report said that Daniel Campbell-Johnson was charged with possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, trafficking cocaine and multiple firearms offences. Floyd Graham of Cobourg was charged with possession of cocaine.

You have to wonder how many other drug transactions happen where no Police are “observing”.


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5 years ago

mwah ha ha ha ha…….You have the largest marijuana grow op in the world in your town.

Jim Thomas
Reply to  Elaine
5 years ago

Not true. Claims to be the “largest INDOOR HYDROPONIC grow-op”. Others can be much larger, but outdoors or in greenhouses, and not hydroponic. Big difference.

Concerned Citizen
5 years ago

This flop house has been at James and John for years… It is interesting that Ben Staples was chatting with the police officers outside of the station, just hours before this raid… Yet Ben will get no jail time for robbing George and Orange a week prior…

Old Sailor
5 years ago

I hope that the drug seller with the fully loaded .45 semi-automatic does not get out on bail. Otherwise Cobourg residents may have to consider buying “American style” self defence weapons.

Reply to  Old Sailor
5 years ago

Old Sailor…..it’s the fact that our laws are too lax when it comes to either the ‘use of a firearm in a crime’ and/or ‘being caught carrying a firearm for the possible use in a crime’! Not unlike in the USA, when you are caught, you stay in jail till your trial comes up, no parol and if and when you are found guilty, there is an automatic 10 years in jail, if not more!
I cannot figure out the ‘mind set’ of law makers/politicians, etc.

Reply to  Old Sailor
5 years ago

in August of last year, a Scarborough MPP (Liberal) introduced a private members bill to give municipalities the power to prohibit the sale of handgun ammo.
Guess what!
It lost.

5 years ago

Great job Police! Unfortunately, Cobourg is not immune to drug or sex trafficking. The proximity to Toronto, Quebec and Highway 401 does not help. Traffickers are using smaller communities as a place to conduct their business. Cobourg residents must keep their eyes wide open and report and suspicious activity. NIMBY!

5 years ago

This town is full of drugs but cops do little to curb it