Dragon Boat Festival 2019

Cobourg’s West Harbour was alive today with the Annual Dragon Boat festival – a fund-raiser for the United Way.  It started at 8:00 am and ran until 4:00 pm. Now in its 20th year –  there were 13 teams, 5 competitive and the others simply participating.  One of the teams (of course) is the Survivor Thrivers but there are other local teams such as Rotary as well as visitors from Ottawa and Belleville.  Visiting teams usually stay overnight and enjoy their weekend in Cobourg.  Races start at the East Pier and about 1 minute and 15 seconds later they finish at the West headland.  Weather is not always good but today was sunny and hot – unusual for September 21.  Unlike previous years where contestants boarded their boats at the centre Pier, this time they used the boat ramp.  See the photos for more.

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4 years ago

How does having all this noise and activity go together with a Nature Preserve in the West Harbor.?

4 years ago

Great day. Thanks John for covering it. Very impressive was the 2KM race, especially since the 3 boats entered had just finished their Champions Final heat at under 1 min 12 sec. The 2KM race won by ‘outta towners – Quinte I think) completed sub 10 mins – crazy.