Piping at Sunset Tradition Continues

The Cobourg Legion Pipes and Drums are continuing their new tradition – piping the sun down.  Once again this year in July and August, a lone piper will be piping at sunset on the East pier.  There will be no Piper on Tuesdays as it is practice night for the band and also they don’t want to compete with the performance by the Concert Band in the Bandshell.  The band decided to do this to increase Community awareness of their band in Cobourg.  See the photo and video below. The first night was Monday July 2 starting about 10 minutes before sunset (at 8:57) and continuing for about 10 minutes after.  Each member of the band will play four times spread through July and August.  On Monday, about a dozen people gathered so the effort did get some attention.

Piping at sunset
Piping at sunset

The piper on this first night was Ross McKie – he played a number of tunes.  The spectators took photos and expressed their thanks and one man asked (I think he was from Quebec) what the bag was for.  Ross explained that it was to keep a steady flow of air to the pipes even when he takes a breath.

The start of the tradition in 2016 was reported on Cobourg News Blog.

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5 years ago

Awesome! I wasn’t aware this even happened. I will attend for sure! It amazes me that I follow about 6 Cobourg sites and usually only find out about things via this blog! Thanks John.

5 years ago

Many thanks to the Cobourg Legion Pipes & Drums….
Hope more people will come down to hear the bagpiper at sunset…

Bill Thompson
Reply to  Pierre
5 years ago

The council disapproved a request from the Legion pipes and drums for a grant for uniforms as they are very expensive and need to be replaced.
The Concert Band receives a grant,why not the pipe band?
Shameful considering how large amounts for funds seem to be available from the council when it comes to wasteful ideas (i.e) way-finding directional signs to the downtown which are totally unnecessary and costly.
The pipe band represents Cobourg in the US each year and elsewhere but has to raise their own funds to go. Shameful .
The police department department has now stepped in to assist.
Sad ..

Reply to  Bill Thompson
5 years ago

This is now a mute subject! They are getting new uniforms. It’s nice that the police came forward, period!

Bill Thompson
Reply to  Liz
5 years ago

There’s a little bit more to it than just new uniforms…

Reply to  Bill Thompson
5 years ago

Piping down the sun is one of the great traditions. It’s an emotional event for everyone who hears it. I agree with you that it’s shameful that this Town would not provide uniforms to a group that often represents it and brings so much pleasure to so many but chooses instead to waste money on consultants, unnecessary signs and every other bone-headed project they can cook up. My sister was waiting for a town bus one afternoon when she was approached by a newcomer to Cobourg who asked her when the bus was expected. For years there have been no accurate times on the signs at Cobourg bus stops. Wouldn’t that be more useful to people than a sign indicating the way to the beach? Of course, the buses are most often used by poorer people, single mothers, and pensioners who know they are not as important to this Council as tourists.
As for the police funding the uniforms of the Cobourg Legion Pipes and Drums, I would much prefer that the police knock off their obsession with public relations and instead spend every nickel of their budget on fighting crime. God knows they need to.