Gun Amnesty Results

In April, the Cobourg Police Service, in collaboration with the Ontario Provincial Police, provided a gun amnesty program.  As a result, 19 firearms and a quantity of ammunition were turned in (see photo below).  The idea was to allow people who illegally have guns to get rid of them before they get caught and charged.  An exception is made to the amnesty if the guns  “were used in the commission of a crime” and ”no anonymous submissions were accepted.”  Specifically: “The Gun Amnesty applied to any documented or undocumented firearms, and other weapons and accessories” as well as ammunition.  If there are fewer guns out there, there are fewer that can be used to commit a crime. In their Press release, Cobourg police provided a number of photos including the one below.

From the photo, it seems that many guns were collector items but if stolen in a break-in, these would then be available for a criminal to use in an armed robbery or murder.  It seems to me that the guns of most concern would be handguns and I counted six of these.

All guns were picked up by Police; none were delivered to the Police Station but the Police gave no indication of where the guns came from – were they from farmers from outside Cobourg or from Cobourg residents? Probably all Cobourg residents since others would likely be referred to the OPP.

The officers in the photo were not named.

Cobourg Gun Amnesty 2018
Cobourg Gun Amnesty 2018

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Bill Thompson
6 years ago

I wonder what the disposition / record keeping procedures are for destruction of these firearms ,particularly the collectors.

The fear of break-in and use of the firearms for robbery /murder understandable.
That threat can be greatly reduced by trigger lock installations as shown in some of these long guns (and one pistol ), removal of rifle bolts,(if applicable) and,locked in a securely installed solid metal gun cabinet.
Of course both key and bolts stored elsewhere separately.
Handguns a different issue and more desirable of course for illegal use.