Green Party Nominates Jeff Wheeldon

In a meeting at the Cobourg Community Centre tonight, the Green Party of Northumberland Peterborough-South elected their candidate, Jeff Wheeldon, for the provincial Election in June.  Although there was only one person on the ballot, in the interests of democracy they had a ballot with the alternative being “none of the above”.  But the vote was unanimous by the 10 members present (of a membership of 32).  The meeting featured the leader of the Provincial Green party, Mike Schreiner, and he spoke to the faithful (and media).   Mike has been leader since 2009 and this will be his third election – this time he feels there is a good chance of a few Green Party M.P.P.s and they could even hold the balance of power.  Meanwhile, the Green Party has been able to influence Policy with many of their ideas being copied – and they are happy with that.

Mike Shreiner

Mike gave some key points:

  • Do things the right way, not the easy way
  • People are ready for change and tired of Election Gimmicks
  • Greens are honest on how things are paid for
  • If we don’t vote for honest people, we won’t get honest politicians
  • Greens have a deep commitment to putting honesty first
  • Green party members are not in it for power – “If they are, they are in the wrong party” he quipped.
  • The Green party believes in a living wage but simultaneously wants to help small business and non-profits (for example with a tax break).

Jeff Wheeldon

  • A resident of Brighton since 2016 – he came here from Manitoba by choice
  • Has a wife and two young sons
  • Works in Real Estate but also in a local Cheese factory
  • He’s passionate about the Green’s policies – he couldn’t “not run”
  • He’s dedicated to serving others
  • Government must be “us” not “them”
  • Jeff wants to work across party lines
  • We must learn from the past and plan for the future
  • “The Constituents are my boss, not the Party”.

The party has a new web site:   Jeff has been on the EDA Executive up till recently but resigned to become the Party’s Candidate. The site has more info on Green party Policies and includes Jeff’s bio.

For information on the other Candidates and dates for All-Candidates’ meetings, go here .

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