Golden Plough Build to go to Next Stage

At their next meeting, County Council will be asked to approve the award of a $3M contract to Salter Pilon Architecture Inc. for architectural and engineering services for the rebuild of the Golden Plough Lodge (GPL).  Construction costs for the project have been estimated at $49.0M but there is a possibility that the project will be expanded from 151 to 180 beds.  In that case, the estimated total of $82.5M includes not just construction costs and the additional beds but also all other associated costs such as professional services, land/property value, approval/permits, insurance and applicable taxes.  Of this, approx. $35M would come from the Province and the rest from our taxes spread over 25 years.  The expansion from 151 to 180 beds would depend on receiving another grant from the Province – although there’s no word on whether that depends on the Liberals being re-elected.

GPL - Concept Birds Eye View from Southwest
GPL – Concept Birds Eye View from Southwest

There are four levels of care for seniors recognized by the Province:

  • Long-term care home – e.g.  GPL (151 beds), Streamway (59 beds), Extendicare (69 beds) – fees are Government regulated and subsidies are available if eligible.
  • Supportive HousingCobourg’s Legion Village (199 apartments) – Some Government support if eligible. There are also others e.g. St. Peters Court (64 apartments)
  • Home and community care – various services for seniors who stay in their homes – some Government support if eligible – see link to “Types of Government supported housing” below.
  • Retirement home (e.g. Palisades and Victoria Retirement Living – Search the Public Register for a list) – not Government supported.

The GPL is a long-term care home and is operated by the County as required by the Province.

Rates for long-term care are set by the Province and vary from $1800 to $2600 per month depending on the room (or bed) occupied.  Subsidies are only available for those in the lowest cost rooms.  You must need “care” to be eligible for a long term care “bed”.

(2016 Statistics)

Total Population

Seniors – 65+






Port Hope
















Alnwick/ Haldimand




Trent Hills




It’s not surprising that Cobourg is where the GPL is being built (or rebuilt) – not only is it where the County has its admin offices but it’s also the home to a higher proportion of seniors than other Northumberland towns.

Note that the new building will also house the County Archives.  5,000 sq ft on the second floor will be available for that purpose and this will be a major upgrade for the archives.  (More on the Archives here)

The deadline for completion of building the new GPL is December 2024 but if the Provincial grant for additional beds is received, this will be advanced to December 2022.  Salter Pilon Architecture Inc has agreed that they can meet that deadline.


Update May 4

MPP Lou Rinaldi announced that the Liberal Provincial Government has agreed to provide funding to increase the number of beds by 29 as described above.

Update October 12, 2018

MPP David Piccini announced that the PC Government will continue with approval for the extra 29 beds.

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Keith Oliver
6 years ago

Reply to “perplexed”
You offer a list of complaints, allegations of Government miss-spending … but based on what? To state your opinion in a meaningful way you need to offer sources that are reputable, detailed … otherwise you are contributing to a state of chaos that will undermine, if no tprevent, any constructive debate.
Keith Oliver

6 years ago

Its funny that someone might bring up the Cost factor and Care
of our seniors
Has anyone ever figured out why the Plough LOOSES so much money every yr. after yr, when other homes of this size operate at a huge profit and offer the same if not additional care quality and options
There was a study done a few yrs ago but the County failed to act on it to stop the Bleeding . If we had been operating at a profit or breakeven we could have used all those Millions to Offer even better care and more beds .
We would not be looking at spending $82 +++ Million now just to catch up and add just a few more beds we should be doubled in size by now not 5 or 10 yrs from now . The Need is Now !

Thats Why they call it PLANNING

Walter L. Luedtke
Reply to  perplexed
6 years ago

So what’s the name of the company planning to build a facility with 150 long term care beds?

6 years ago

A private assisted living facility provides excellent care for my relative. The staff are amazing caring individuals.

6 years ago

Why not leave this to the Private sector they seem to be able to do this cheaper ——I understand there is a new affordable Long Term Care Co. coming / here in town proposing a new Build of 150 beds , why not wait and see — hold on to that Tax $$$ and lets hope the Town or the county doesn’t scare them off or hold them up for their own agenda.

Walter L. Luedtke
Reply to  perplexed
6 years ago

What is the name of that company. perpy?

Deborah OConnor
Reply to  perplexed
6 years ago

John’s post makes it clear that the Province requires the County to operate the Golden Plough Lodge. We should be proud that our County has such a fine facility for its aged and disabled residents. Publicly provided services like ours provide far superior care to privately run facilities where the overriding goal is to make a profit for its owners.

The profit motive is no way to provide health care services to our most vulnerable. Staff at GPL are well trained, experienced long term employees who know and care about each and every resident in their care. They work hard and are proud members of our community. We should all appreciate their excellence in what they do and provide them and their residents with the best new facility we can build.

Rusty Brown
Reply to  Deborah OConnor
6 years ago

My family’s recent experience with GPL with a relative who has taken up residence there amply confirms everything you have said in your posting.

Reply to  perplexed
6 years ago

If this company will accomodate 150 residents and then only have the subsidy available from the Government to run the facility I will bet that there will be no profit to share or pay for the huge amount of capital needed to build.

That’s the situation the GPL is in – no high paying seniors, who will drain their life savings just to stay in a resort.

Reply to  ben
6 years ago

Does the GPL even provide, at the appropriate price, “resort” services? Perhaps they should consider it!

Reply to  Dubious
6 years ago

Maybe that’s why they need new facilities – after all would you put your granny in a one hundred year old facility?

Besides how long will extendicare be in the business if they didn’t soak the rich residents. Not everybody can afford extendicare and they only take so many subsidy residents

Deborah OConnor
Reply to  Dubious
6 years ago

Dubious, here’s an idea for you. Since you seem to have a keen interest in how the Lodge provides care to their residents, how about you call them up and volunteer to help. No doubt you could get the place up to your standards in no time! And cheaply too.

Reply to  Deborah OConnor
6 years ago

Since you seem to have a keen interest in how the Lodge provides care to their residents, how about you call them up and volunteer to help.

You must be confusing me with someone else. I have absolutely no interest.

Walter L. Luedtke
6 years ago

$82 million is a daunting figure, but all of those services are badly needed in our county.

Miriam Mutton
6 years ago

This is great news!

I hope the new Golden Plough Lodge will include a dental care facility that could be used also by mobile dentistry units.