County Report to Cobourg Council

At last Monday’s council meeting, Northumberland County CAO Jennifer Moore and Treasurer Glenn Dees presented the annual County Financial report.  They listed accomplishments, talked about upcoming priorities and gave a good summary of the county budget with highlights (see link below for the full presentation).  The financial summary was simpler and easier to understand than previously provided.  Major Projects for the next 10 years were listed, allocation of tax dollars was spelled out and the split in sources of funding was shown.  In reporting on waste management, Jennifer said work was being done in preparation for the introduction in 2019 of collection of a third type of waste – garbage that could be composted.  Details are still being worked out but it’s coming!

The most interesting part of their presentation (for me anyway) was the financial data.

Financial graphics

Below are some graphics recreated from the data in the presentation (see Link below). As the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  As usual click image to enlarge.

Sources of County funds

How Property Tax is used

Major Capital Projects


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6 years ago

I do hope that the cost of this program will not be passed on to tax payers. I keep 2 compost bins going all year round and would hate to have to pay for neighbours to bin their egg shells and coffee grounds!

6 years ago

The fact that the County has not implemented a green bin for the past thirty years is a huge waste of our landfill capacity and consequently the County budget. It is estimated that 40% of the waste stream is organic to put this stuff in landfill is criminal and yet we still do it.

Instead of delivering plaudits to the County for doing this we should be castigating them for the failure of not doing it. After all we have been paying for this gross waste of resources and money for the past thirty years.

After all when the MRF was built there were plans for an organic waste system to be built as well but the cost-cutter of the day – step up Ian Angus, decided it to be a waste of money to build it. We have been paying the price ever since.

6 years ago

Happy to see plans to expand the recycling program. Surprised to see revenue from garbage tags/tipping is #3 source of revenue.

Reply to  silverhairedsenior
6 years ago

If I correctly heard Ms. Moore’s comments, she doesn’t yet know the expected cost for the organic waste pickup program. To initiate a program with an unknown cost seems irresponsible. At least we know that, like Toronto, it will aid the local racoon breeding program!

Reply to  silverhairedsenior
6 years ago

Agreed on both counts. I’m a condo owner and get dinged in both of those ‘stacks’.