Venture 13 Tenders come in Lower than Estimate

The Venture 13 project to house several entities in Cobourg was approved by Council in May 2017 and a progress report was presented on 20 November 2017 (details at links below).  Tenders were issued for the work on October 24 with a closing date of November 16 – later extended to November 29.  The construction costs for part 1 and 2 of the project were estimated at $1,263,534 for part 1 and $657,635 for part 2 for a total of $1,921,169.  But the lowest cost tender from Dalren Ltd. was $1,520,000 for both part 1 and part 2 – this tender was “found to be complete and the contractor is known to the Town as a contractor that carries out good work.”  There were five bids with the highest bid at $330K more.  The work will be to renovate both the first and second floors of building 13 in Northam Industrial Park.

So now the project will proceed for both parts and Council will be asked at the Committee of the Whole Meeting on December 4 to not only approve award of the Contract to Dalren but also to allocate additional costs to the project:

Design and on site supervision   $175,000 (presumably Architect and Engineering fees)
Outfitting $250,000 (presumably furniture and equipment)
Contingency (10%) $195,500

This brings the total project cost to $2,139,500 which is less than the original full estimate of $2,346,169.  The following table compares the original estimate with the current estimate.

  Original estimate New Estimate
Part 1 $1,263,534 $1,520,000
Part 2 $ 657,635 Included
Design and on site supervision   $175,000 $175,000
Outfitting $250,000 $250,000
Contingency $194,500
Total $2,346,169 $2,139,500

Funding will be as previously announced at $1,670,000 for part 1 from various sources and $716,000 from the Police Services Board for part 2 for a total of $2,376,000.  No word on which pot the savings of over $200k gets allocated to.

The work is expected to be done per the schedule previously announced – that is, most work completed by March 2018 with building occupancy to start then and a grand opening on 17 May 2018.



At the Committee of the Whole meeting followed by a special regular Council meeting on December 4, Council approved awarding the contract for both part/phase 1 and 2 to Delren Ltd..  Wendy Curtis confirmed that the target occupancy date would be April 1, 2018.


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6 years ago

The project is off to a good start…congrats!

6 years ago

Nice to see a $400,000 saving right up front.