Review of 2017 News

By the time we are ready for a New Year, it’s easy to forget what happened in the year just gone.  This applies to personal events but also to what happened in Cobourg.  Since this is a news site, I will review 21 news events that were significant in 2017.  Links are provided to one or more articles on the subject but in some cases (e.g. the Waterfront study) there were more articles.  To access them, use search or the links in the side panel under Related News Items. Updates to some events are provided where relevant and known.

  • January 14   At 5:50am on Jan 14, a man walked into the Petro Canada Gas Station on Division Street, brandished a handgun and demanded cash.  A suspect  was arrested in July.
  • January 23  Suzanne Séguin was selected from 11 candidates to replace Larry Sherwin. In my opinion, if just some of them run in the next election (in October 2018), we should have a good slate.
    Lieutenant Governor and Mayor
    Lieutenant Governor and Mayor
  • February 1  A contract to study the Waterfront was awarded to a consultant.  The big issues were the Trailer Park, the Marina and the low weighting given to public input on the most recent recommendations.  First article
  • February 22  Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell visited Cobourg
  • March 1  Sobey announced plans to build a new Foodland. Plans are currently making their way through the planning department 
  • March 17  Fishing in Cobourg Creek causes local residents to complain about bad behaviour. Public Meeting
  • March 25 Market and Smor came to Town and wanted to open a modern organic fresh produce store.  So far Lucas Cleveland and Montana DesJardins have won the franchise for the beach canteen but no store has opened – no one will rent them a store at a price they feel is viable.
  • April 29  The Final design for Victoria Square was released.  But it was not started pending obtaining Federal or Provincial financing.
  • May 3  Lake Ontario reached record high levels and made the Beach unusable for a period. 
  • May 27  A plan to build a residential hospice was announced. Fundraising starts
  • June 6  HMCS  Goose Bay visited Cobourg and was able to enter the Harbour.
    HMCS Goose Bay in Cobourg
    HMCS Goose Bay in Cobourg
  • June 15  The organizers of the Shelter Valley Folk Festival announced that 2017 would see the last Festival. This was later confirmed
  • June 27  CDCI West was sold and would become a Private School although no students have yet been observed at the School.
  • July 11  Cobourg entered the National Communities in Bloom competition  – and launched a companion garden competition. And then was awarded the top result of 5 blooms.
  • August 20  Residents near 394 College Street objected to an application to convert a large Heritage house into 5 apartments. The final decision was to approve the application.
  • September 19  The owner of the “Certo building” on the Kraft property applied for a demolition permit but ACO and others objected as it was considered a valuable heritage site. More.  Council moved to stop demolition and the new owner says he’d be happy to restore the building.
    394 College St.
    394 College St.
  • October 28  A patient in the Hospital Emergency area shot his spouse then himself.
  • November 6 Residents on Kerr Street at the west end objected to the ban on street parking.  More The final decision was to build laybys to accommodate limited visitor parking.
  • November 27  Northumberland Today – the only daily newspaper in Cobourg – shut down with no warning.
  • December 1  In May 2017, Council approved using building 13 in Northam Industrial Park to house a new “Venture 13” to nurture entrepreneurs plus the expanding Police Services business.  Construction started in December. Progress 
  • December 22  The new owner of the old Kraft property announced details of his plans to create the largest indoor marijuana facility in the world.


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Runner 72
6 years ago

Yes, well said. The reporting is very appreciated in our household,

Harbour watcher
6 years ago

Thank you John Draper for all your accurate and impartial reporting. You do a wonderful job of keeping us informed.

Reply to  Harbour watcher
6 years ago

We are faithful readers of your blog which is well written and informative. We wish you a Happy New Year and continued success.