A Community in the Forest

You have to agree that the goals of the Urban Forestry Master Plan will make Cobourg an even more wonderful place to live – even if it takes a while to get there. Who wouldn’t want to live in “a Community in the Forest”?  I’m certainly sold on that. See the full list of goals below – it’s called a Vision. According to Cobourg’s Arborist Rory Quigley, the plan will pull together all the relevant activity so it’s cohesive. It will be a guide to future direction. On April 26, a public meeting followed by a survey got input from residents and stakeholders and the results are documented in the notes (see links below).


Cobourg will be a Community in the Forest

  • Recognized, valued, and a prized community asset of which residents are proud
  • Lush and continuous, tree cathedrals, tree-lined streets, and looks and performs like a forest
  • Well managed, with long-term planning of 100-150 years to achieve the desired forest health, composition and cover
  • Contributes to community sustainability
  • the urban forest provides environmental, social, cultural & economic benefits
  • Minimal conflict with utilities
  • Predominantly native species, evolving to be resilient to climate change while taking soil and location into consideration
  • The urban forest’s look and function reflects known pre and early settlement characteristics of Cobourg
  • The whole community works together in stewardship/care of the Town’s urban forest

The consultant then developed a series of specific goals and a work plan to achieve this vision.  This was then on display in ”Consultation Posters” at the public meeting held today at the Community Centre.

All this will require money and perhaps staff – but hopefully residents agree that “Cobourg should be a Community in the Forest”.  The next step is to tweak the draft plan based on public input then present the Final Plan to Council for approval – no date has yet been set for that.



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6 years ago

Sounds good to me!

not required
Reply to  Susie-Q
6 years ago

this would seem to be wonderful – but with the Forest come critters – the coyotes reign supreme now – (yes l know they were here previously to development) but a good many people were and felt threatened by these animals – gardening with a coyote resting on the other end of the lawn is a bit much – will more animal control be included

Rusty Brown
Reply to  not required
6 years ago

I don’t think the number of trees has much to do with coyotes, but the wretched squirrels are another matter. The recent felling of a large tree on our back fence line in a windstorm has left a gap that stymies their movement and that suits me just fine.